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Joonatan is a goal-oriented and inspiring Personal Trainer & Mental Coach. Jonathan’s special expertise is in improving an athlete’s physics & endurance.

The services provided by Joonatan:

  • Coaching at Rautaranta Outdoor Gym

  • Exercise machine guidance

  • Group guidance in the gym

  • Remote coaching (4 weeks, 4-part)

  • Training program design

Joonatan's sports experience and education:

  • Martial arts 4 years

  • Indoor sports +10 years, of which the last 6 years 4-6 times a week

  • FAF-trained Personal Trainer


Joonatan is a multitalent who inspires his clients to goal-oriented exercise. Joonatan uses the tricks he has learned as a sales team trainer, actor & start up entrepreneur and motivates his customers for the best possible result.

You can buy Rautaranta Outdoor Gym's Personal Training services both from our gym and from our online store. Welcome to personal PT guidance for our gym in the fresh air!

Call +358408031019 and ask for more information!

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