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  • The gym is open around the year from 6am to 11 pm, with the following exceptions:

    • In case of bad weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, thunder) the staff has the right to keep the gym closed.

    • In case of a private event with limited duration

    • The customer must leave the gym by 11:00 p.m., when the alarms are activated

  • We inform about exceptions on our website and on our social media channels ( Facebook and Instagram ).



  • By completing the purchase, the customer agrees to act in accordance with our product terms and conditions.

  • The customer must be over 18 years of age. 15-17 year olds can practice with their parent's permission.

  • The customer must not have an obvious risk of health and / or injury.

  • All time-based passes in the gym (weekly, monthly and season passes) are personal and access cards may not be handed over to third parties.

  • The client must follow the rules of the gym and the instructions given by the staff.

  • The customer undertakes not to use drugs, narcotics or substances classified as doping substances in the gym.


  • Customer agrees that Rautaranta Outdoor Gym registers, stores and uses personal information (name, ID, address, email address, telephone number, photo, payment information and similar information) and information regarding the use of Customer's services for marketing purposes.

  • The customer must notify Rautaranta Outdoor Gym of any changes to their contact / payment information. This includes changes in name, address, email address, telephone number and all other relevant information.

  • Rautaranta will not disclose customer data to third parties without the customer's written consent, unless it is a matter of lawful inquiry, collection of fees, insurance indemnity or accounting purposes.

  • By ordering a product or service offered by Rautaranta, the customer agrees that Rautaranta Outdoor Gym may contact the customer by any means of communication, including electronic communication (email, text messages, multimedia messages, etc.) for informational purposes and / or to inform about promotions and other offers in accordance with current legislation. The customer can withdraw their consent to receive marketing inquiries by contacting Rautaranta Outdoor Gym. The customer cannot refuse to receive communications related to changes to active cards / passes.



  • The gym has 24-hour recording camera surveillance, which is implemented and related data is processed in accordance with applicable law.

  • The opening hours of the gym are announced on the front page of Rautaranta's website ( Alarm systems turn on when the gym is empty and outside of opening hours.

  • Rautaranta Outdoor Gym reserves the right to change the product terms. Changes will be communicated through common communication channels.

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