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  1. Clean dirty shoes before entering the area.

  2. Always show your access card to a reader. Gym cards are personal. Misuse will result in card invalidation.

  3. The age limit for the gym is 18 years (15 years under parental supervision).

  4. You must leave the gym by the time of closing. We will bill the trainer for the security guard visit expenses if necessary.

  5. Train safely. Do not put on more weights than you can lift.

  6. Respect your co-trainers. Take the equipment and weights you use back to their original places.

  7. Do not reserve equipment. If necessary, take turns with another trainer.

  8. Weights must not be dropped on the wooden terrace, it will break. If needed, please use rubber tiles and mats.

  9. Report equipment faults to staff.

  10. Personal hygiene must be taken care of.

  11. If you sweat a lot, use a towel and wipe the equipment you use with paper or towel and disinfectant that can be found across the gym.

  12. Smoking is forbidden at the gym premises.

  13. It is forbidden to photograph other trainers without permission.

  14. Rautaranta is not responsible for the property lost by the customer inside the gym.

  15. The lockers may be used only during training. If the locker key is lost and we have to break the locker, we will have to charge € 50.

  16. Staff can remove a person who is harassing and / or breaking the gym rules.

  17. The gym has a 24/7 HD multicamera surveillance.

  18. The use of magnesium is permitted.


Thank you for following our common rules. Feel free to ask for help and advice from the staff!

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