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Whether you want to improve your technique, performance, update your workout program, create a nutrition program, or get guidance during your workout, our Personal Training professionals will help you progress toward your goals. We offer services for customers on all levels, from beginners to experienced.

For example, if you are considering using PT services, you can book a one-time session, in which case, together with Personal Trainer, you will map out the starting situation, set goals and plan a service package that is just right for you.

You can buy Rautaranta Outdoor Gym's Personal Training services both from our gym and in our web shop. Welcome to personal guidance at our gym in the fresh air!

Price list (the duration of one session is one hour)

  • 1x 80 euros

  • 3x 225 euros (75 euros / session)

  • 10x 650 euros (65 euros / session)

  • 20x 1200 (60 euros / session)

  • 30x 1650 (55 euros / session)

  • 2+ customers to be trained - contact us!


Call +358408031019 and ask for more information about our Personal Training services!

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