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On a Saturday in July, a clinic will be held on Rautaranta, the topic of which is determining the load of the training and building the upward conductivity.

Strength and muscle mass training that brings results is made up of several different components, the most important of which are a sufficient load level and the upward direction of the training. If the load level is too low, you will not get the desired results, but on the other hand, excessive training can slow down or even prevent development for a long time. On the other hand, even training with a suitable load is not necessarily always positive, which is why the results can remain stagnant.

Physiotherapist and coach Joosua Visuri's workshop will cover how the workload of training can be monitored and determined to be suitable for your goals and how training can be built from upward trends so that results are achieved even after years or decades of training.

Welcome to the workshop!


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