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Outdoor workouts continue to be active in Rautaranta all winter long! Earlier in the fall, we placed equipment in the tents and implemented tarpaulin walls in front of the service container. We have placed the tents one after the other, so compared to last year, equipment can fit inside better than before. The experience of operating a gym in winter conditions was gained quite a bit last winter and the experience was so good that we didn't go to the indoor gym at all.

Most of us work indoors, so it's nice to be outside in our free time. This is also the case in winter: like skiing or ice skating, exercising outdoors is a refreshing experience and you get the health benefits of outdoor exercise at the same time.

Equipment for the winter season:

  1. Power rack, free weights, kettlebells, dumbbells

  2. Bench press

  3. Cross-cable

  4. Smith machine

  5. Leg press

  6. Back bench

  7. Vertical press

  8. Lying leg curl

  9. Thigh extension

  10. Combined device: back shoulder + chest

  11. Bench press machine

  12. Bicep curl machine and scott bench

  13. Abdominal crunch device

  14. Curl bars 10-55kg

  15. Gymnastics rings

  16. Cardio equipment: rowing, assault bike, cross-trainer


Christmas and the New Year are approaching and now is a good time to focus on the upcoming season and get a 2023 season ticket for yourself or as a gift at a SALE price. You can also pay with exercise benefits applications, e.g. Edenred/Smartum/ePassi - we add the training right after payment.

We recently improved the discount for special groups (students, conscripts, pensioners, etc.) from -10% to -15%. You can get a discount by making a purchase at our gym's checkout and presenting a certificate of belonging to a special group. For example, in the season ticket, this discount is already quite noticeable!

Is the exercise benefit expiring? You can make the payment with the exercise benefit application. If you have exercise vouchers, please contact us and we can handle the payment on the spot at the gym.

The gym is open with access tags and PIN codes from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The cash desk is open during the winter season only on request.

The offers are valid until the end of the year (December 31, 2022) and after that the prices will return to normal.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Rautaranta Outdoor Gym

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