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In the summer heat, between Löyly sessions, the best way to refresh is a dip in the sea next to our gym. How to use ROG LÖYLY:

  1. 🌟 Buy a one-time visit to the ROG Löyly located inside our enclosure at our cash desk or by reading the QR code at the door of the loyly room. Payment is required from owners other than season ticket (12 month) owners.

  2. Discount price for training customers with the code "STEAM24".

  3. Note! This does not include access to the gym, it must be arranged separately.

  4. 🔥 Switch the heater to high power by pressing on the front control panel (button with three flames) and follow the separate user manual.

  5. 🧞‍ Only with bare feet; Please wear swimming trunks and a peflet.

  6. 🚪 Open the hot room glass door. Do not throw, but pour the water into the stove. Enjoy the heat!

  7. 🚿 Rinse your feet before returning to the sauna.

  8. 🌬️ After finishing, ventilate the sauna room to dry with draft wind.

Note! If you have already used your training code, you will not be able to enter the gate again after swimming!

Relaxing baths! 🌟

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