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🍁End-of-season training is now on offer on our website for 39 euros!

🍁 We just added the next season passes (2022) for sale at an price of 249 euros (normally 300 euros; a great way to also use expiring Edenred/Smartum/etc). If you buy next year's season ticket now, you will also receive training rights for the current season.

🍁 We will keep our gym open this season at least until the end of October, possibly even over the winter. The gym is accessible every day with access code 7-22. Cashier opening hours are displayed on our website.

🍁 If you haven’t tried it yet, come visit and pull your weight training in cool autumn weather, like a hoodie on. It is an awesome feeling when you can practice to the fullest and the sweat evaporates faster than the summer weather! The experience could even be compared to jogging, which at least we think is more comfortable in a fresh and cool weather than in the midsummer toast.

🍁 In September last year, Rautaranta was several days warmer and calmer than the surrounding area, thanks to the protection provided by the adjacent ship, the padel courts and our own containers. When the temperature was + 12c elsewhere, the thermometer in our gym hurt closer to +20 degrees. That’s why many still took off their hoodies in September and enjoyed training in the tank top.

🍁 25 percent of our hall is sheltered under roofs, e.g. free weight range, multiple devices, dumbbells and handle balls. So you can do a full body workout protected from the rain.

Good bye sweat, and you don't run out of oxygen when you squat at ROG!

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