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OPEN DOORS SAT 19.8 - SUN 20.8!

August has passed in Rautaranta with sunny signs and the good weather continues! This is the golden age of outdoor training.

Also invite friends and family members to jump, because the whole poppoo will train for free Sat 19.8 - Sun 20.8 from 10 am to 5 pm. We also serve protein pancakes.

The season ticket is on top offer during the open house: training until 31 December 2023 only 50 euros! You can also find all admission tickets in our online store You can also get the season ticket offer Sat–Sun there with the code LOPPUVOSI23.

Below you can see our offer for all lovers of outdoor training, there is also a great offer for next season.

Rautaranta's beautification is progressing!

  1. 25 kilo plate weights adorn the heights of the columns!

  2. Old mirrors will serve on the outer edges in the future - selfie time, maybe?

  3. The training container has new mirrors!

The end of the year 2023 during the open house weekend (norm. €75): €50!

Unlimited training right until 31 December 2023 with great benefits:

  • You can bring ten (10) of your friends or family members for a free introductory visit during the opening hours of the ROG cash register (i.e. when the side gate is open, we take down customer information)! One person can get a maximum of one familiarization visit. The benefit applies to persons who have not yet visited Rautaranta.

  • Season ticket buyers get -10% on all Rautaranta products and services, e.g. the card you bought for your family member, PT services and products purchased from the service container (drinks, bars, shirts, etc.)!

  • Discount price valid during the open weekend at our checkout and in our online store. You can get a discount at the checkout of the online store with the code LOPIPUOSI23

Season ticket 2024 now starts with a great early advantage

Entire 2024 + end of 2023 only €249 (standard package €299)

Edenred now works as a payment method in our online store 💰 You can enter your Edenred card information like a normal payment card.

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