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Measure your body during the summer 2024 events!

📅 June 6, 2024 3-6 p.m (Roikkujamestari '24)

📅 13.6.2024 at 5-7 p.m (Pull-up competition '24)

📅 27.7.2024 Summer party from 10 am to 3 pm

How do you benefit from the InBody measurement?

🔍 Body composition measurement tells you how your body is doing. You will get to know more than 40 values ​​describing your body composition.

💪 These include e.g. fat and muscle analysis, fluid balance, important visceral fat, fat percentage and an overall overview described in a clear report.

🎯 The report helps you track your progress and reach your goals.

🔥 Motivation for training: Know exactly what to focus on to improve your fitness.

💰 Price €25 for pre-bookers, €29 on site

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your training and get valuable information about your body!

Pre-registration in the Vello service

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