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The card entitles you to unlimited training at Rautaranta for 12 months starting from purchase.


  • You can bring five (5) friends or family members for a free introductory visit.
  • Do you inform us of the acquaintance's information in advance, after which you can both go to the gym with your access tag. Note! If you are the only exercisers in the gym, you will leave immediately one after the other!
  • One person can get a maximum of one familiarization visit. The benefit applies to people who have not yet visited Rautaranta.
  • Season pass holders get -10% on all Rautaranta products and services, e.g. the card you bought for your family member, PT services and products purchased from the service container (drinks, bars, shirts, etc.)!
  • You can also pay for the season ticket in parts at our cash desk in the gym


If you don't have an access token, you can get one at our gym cashier. The cashier's opening hours are displayed on the front page of our website.


If you already have an access token, we will update the new product to your tag within twelve (12) hours of the purchase.


In case of problems, you can call +358 45 783 45001.


You can also buy a card with sports benefit. In this case, log in to the mobile application (Smartum/Edenred/other service provider), search for Rautaranta, set the price of the season ticket as the payment amount and make the payment. With exercise vouchers, you can pay at the cash desk of our gym - check the opening hours on the home page.

SEASON PASS (12 months)


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