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ROG-Rambo competition has finished for the current season. The winner is Lauri with a wild result of 25 points! We have awarded points to seventeen trainers during the season. The race was pretty tight at the top, but Lauri took the lead on the other competitors by the end of the season by training several times in downpour and cold weather without a shirt - a real Rambo performance! ROG-Rambo is an unofficial competition at Rautaranta, where we reward training in "tougher" conditions. Examples can be found in Instagram's story collection "ROG-RAMBO".

We also want to reward our most trained customers. The winner went to training more than 100 times during the season: congratulations Filip!

As prizes, Lauri and Filip will both receive Celcius City Pulse refreshments. Congratulations once again!

We are slowly starting to prepare for the arrival of winter at Rautaranta. We will be covering the equipment in the next few days, after which they will be out of use until spring 2022. However, we still keep the training container open, so training with free weights and equipment in that container is still possible until further notice.

We would still like to remind you of the wild season card offer for next season: € 249 (normally € 300). You can buy a season ticket through our online store or with the sports discount application. After payment, we will add next season's access right to your access token.


Rautaranta Outdoor Gym

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