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Pia is an experienced and energetic Personal Trainer professional who specializes in core and functional training.

Services provided by Pia:

  • Basic guidance

  • Cross-fit training

  • Core area development

  • Training program design

  • Group Control

  • Nutrition program design

  • Junior coaching

  • Rehabilitative training for seniors

  • Physical coaching (basketball, golf)


Pia also has international experience (worked in Germany and Spain)

  • Service in English language available

  • PT Services auch in Deutsch

Pia's Personal Training Studies

  • Group Fitness Instructor, Sofia-opisto, Fuengirola ( 09.2019 –03.2020)

  • Instruction of various types of classes such as Kettlebell Training, Mobility and Flexibility, Resistance  Band Training, Core Training, Healthy Back, Abs-Thighs-Glutes Toning and Aqua Fitness

  • Nutritional advice and training support

  • AHAB-Akademie: Functional Trainer A+B Lizenz (2016)

  • AHAB-Akademie: Fitness Trainer B-Lizenz (2016)

  • AHAB-Akademie: Kinder Sport Trainer (2016)

You can buy Rautaranta Outdoor Gym's Personal Training services both from our gym and from our online store. Welcome to personal PT guidance for our gym in the fresh air!

Call +358408031019 and ask for more information!

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